Advantages of a holiday villa in Gran Canaria

holiday villa in Gran Canaria

Advantages of a holiday villa in Gran Canaria

When we start planning our holidays, the most common place we think about to spend those days is in a hotel. They have many comforts, are located in every city in the world and have a variety of prices. However, they have big drawbacks. Some of them are the impossibility of being able to cook the recipes you like, the noise due to the great amount of people who stay in them, the lack of hygiene, the shared bathrooms, etc.

We have a better proposal if you want to spend the best holidays in Gran Canaria: Mr. Batllori‘s holiday villas.

All the advantages of our holiday villas

Being able to stay in a holiday villa in Gran Canaria is a great luxury that will make you spend the best summer surrounded by your family and friends. They are the best option to relax, enjoy the temperature and the paradisiacal beaches of the island, and have total independence.

Being in a holiday villa will allow you to spend your days in total tranquillity, you will avoid the dreaded crowds of people as they are individual and private villas.

You will be able to go with all your family and friends. The holiday villas in Gran Canaria have up to 8 rooms, so you can all be together and have a wonderful time. Of course, the villas are fully equipped with modern furniture, kitchen, bathrooms and everything you may need.

The cleaning is done by our professional team, who have experience in the most prestigious hotels in the country.

We help you find your holiday villa

At Mr. Batllori not only do we rent holiday villas in Gran Canaria, but our service to clients is complete. The customer service team is available throughout the day to resolve any queries or problems you may have from the moment you start booking the villa until the end of your holiday.

We can take care of booking tickets for events, boats, cars or the activity you want to do while visiting the island.

In the event that you come with children or babies, we will provide you with cradles, high chairs, bathtubs and everything that your son or daughter needs.

Contact us and start booking your holiday villa in Gran Canaria.


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